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Industrial Strength Industries
The best sounding compact bass systems in the world.

Originally designed for bass players needing the absolute best sounding compact speaker systems with wide bandwidth to handle the demands of 5/6/7/8 string basses and upright acoustic basses, these systems also excel at reproducing keyboards and acoustic electric guitars, while being the perfect solution for DJs needing the utmost in portability and sound quality.

What’s so different about the sound of our compact speaker systems?

They have a much wider and more accurate frequency response than other systems. Our systems are truly designed to handle the extended frequency response of 5/6/7+ string basses, keyboards, and acoustic electric guitars.

Our patented XBL technology (download our technical white paper) gives you great dynamic range; you don’t have the problems of audible power compression other speakers suffer from. Soft or loud, you’ll get the same dynamic impact from our systems.

We are the primary technology providers. We design and build the actual speakers. Acoustic Development International (our parent company), is known for its OEM speaker designs for high-end audio companies. Virtually all the other companies only specify the speakers they want; they have no real control over the technology. This doesn’t mean they can’t build good sounding speaker systems; it just means they can’t be very creative in solving problems.

Another breakthrough is a new motor design: a combination of Alnico and Neodynium that we call Al-Neo. AlNiCo is prized for its tone, but creates problems because it easily demagnetizes. Put too much power into an AlNiCo magnet driver and you lose your output. We use a special construction of AlNiCo and Ne-odymium that gives you the sound of AlNiCo but eliminates the problem of demagnetization. This is another ISI first.

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